Learn Japanese – Beginner Level

What Will I Learn?

  • Read and Write in Japanese
  • Sound like a Native Speaker with Pronunciation Lessons
  • Participate in Basic Japanese Conversations and Use Daily Phrases
  • Understand and Pick Up on Basic Conversations


  • No Prerequisite Knowledge of Japanese Needed


Are you ready to start speaking, writing and understanding Japanese in minutes? Then, this is the course for you.

Learn Japanese with lessons made by real teachers.

In every lesson, we take you by the hand and guide you through the language.

You will…

  • Learn How to Read and Write Japanese
  • Sound like a Native Speaker with Pronunciation Lessons
  • Sharpen Your Listening with Comprehension Lessons

This is the ultimate starting point for any beginner.

By the end, you’ll be able to hold basic Japanese conversations – such as introducing yourself, asking for directions and making small talk with others. You’ll also know how to read and write in Japanese.

If you’re a beginner and want to learn Japanese in the fastest, easiest and most fun way, start here.

  1. Introduction to Japanese: Want to learn Japanese? Don’t know where to start? This is it. The Introduction to Japanese Video series is perfect for those who know zero Japanese but want to take that first step. In this 5-lesson series, you’ll learn all about the Japanese language, as well as grammar, writing and phrases to get you started.
  2. How to Write in Japanese – Hiragana and Katakana: Ready to learn to write in Japanese? In this 20-lesson comprehensive video course, you’ll learn all of the Hiragana and Katakana characters and how to write them. Join our teacher, Risa, as she guides you through each character step by step!
  3. Ultimate Japanese Pronunciation Guide: Ready to sound like a native Japanese speaker? Join Michelle in the Ultimate Japanese Pronunciation Series! In these 25 video lessons, you’ll learn the ins and outs of perfect Japanese pronunciation. You’ll learn the common mistakes learners make, how to avoid them, and the nuances that only native speakers are aware of.
  4. Basic Japanese: This 25-lesson series will teach you all the most common vocabulary and phrases needed for every day Japanese. You’ll learn useful conversational phrases and the basics of Japanese so that you can introduce yourself and ask questions. Have fun reviewing with humorous role-plays and skits that use the Japanese you have just learned!
  5. Japanese Listening Comprehension for Absolute Beginners: Improve your Japanese listening skills in every lesson! This Japanese Listening Comprehension Series tests you on your listening and makes sure you understand every word. Listen to the dialog, watch the video, and answer the questions asked. This video series is perfect for Absolute Beginners.
  6. Japanese Listening Comprehension for Beginners: Ready to understand even more Japanese? This Japanese Listening Comprehension Series tests you on your listening and makes sure you understand every word. Listen to the dialog, watch the video, and answer the questions asked. This video series is perfect for Beginner Japanese learners or those looking to reach a Beginner level.


Despite being a difficult language to learn, Japanese is still one of the most popular foreign languages.

I recall Japanese courses offered in the community college that I attended almost always hit the Enrollment Capacity by the first registration deadline. I didn’t really think too deeply about why so many people were interested in learning my native language until I started tutoring Japanese during my senior year of college.

I was pleasantly surprised to meet so many enthusiastic leaners. Some of them were not just interested in learning some useful phrases for their upcoming trip to Japan but they wanted to find a job and live in Japan! Japan is a truly beautiful country with fascinating history and modern culture. I want to share five of the most common reasons why so many of my students are interested in learning Japanese.

The Popularity Of Manga And Anime

Definitely anime and manga have inspired many people to learn about Japanese culture and language. Almost all of my former students talk about their favorite Japanese anime and how it inspired them to pick up their first Japanese book. For instance, Hayao Miyazaki’s animated films are extremely popular overseas such as “Spirited Away”, which won an American Academy Award.

Career Opportunities

China surpassed Japan as the world’s second-largest economy, but Japan’s influence on the global economy is still strong. Electronic and automotive companies such as Sony, Panasonic, Honda and Toyota are known for their excellent quality and efficiency. Non-Japanese speakers working for these companies are encouraged to learn Japanese as it definitely improves your chance of getting hired by Japanese companies if you know how to speak Japanese.

JPOP And TV Shows

Thanks to modern technology, you can watch Japanese music videos on YouTube and other websites. Singers like Namie Amuro and Utaga Hikaru are popular outside Japan and people want to know what they are singing. Also there are lots of Japanese dramas and TV shows available online. Foreigners who are interested in learning beyond a few phrases and Manga and JPOP are the most common reasons people whom I have tutored brought up as to why they wanted to learn Japanese.

Because It Is Interesting

It is fun to learn a different language! Japanese is especially fun because some words sound really funny and I remember my former students were getting a kick out of the word, “tokidoki”! They said it sounded like “okidoki!” Also, when you are learning a foreign language, you get to learn a lot about its culture and it is one of the most rewarding aspects of learning Japanese language.

Dating Japanese Women

This still seems to be one of the reasons as to why many foreign males are studying Japanese. They believe that a Japanese woman makes a good wife and the number of international marriages between Japanese women and foreign males is on the rise. If you are interested in dating Japanese men or women, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with Japanese culture and language.

Learn Japanese Language