Top 10 high paid jobs in Nepal

The job demand is increasing with the growth in the economy, which ultimately upgrades the rates of salaries as people are being more competent and skilled today. Entrepreneurs are investing more in their business due to strong competition among businesspersons, correspondingly the employment opportunities are increasing and with the increase in employment opportunities, entrepreneurs are recognizing and creating new job positions in organizations. But, what are the best paying jobs in Nepal nowadays and what you will need to be one?

Below mentioned are 10 jobs in Nepal offering best salaries (Salaries mentioned here are per annum)

1. Management professionals

Management professionals are the soul of any organisation. Their role is to manage a particular set of tasks for the organisation. This involves a lot of hard work at the entry level. Once this level is crossed there is no turning back. Professionals at the higher levels can demand large amounts.

Average Salary:
Entry level – Rs 3,00,000
Mid-Career- Rs 25,00,000
Experienced- Rs 80,00,000

2. Investment Bankers

Investment bankers raise capital for the company and give financial advice. They deal only with money and are nicknamed “Money Man”.

Average Salary:
Entry level – Rs 12,00,000
Mid-Career – Rs 30,00,000
Experienced – Rs 50,00,000

3. Business Analyst

With growing competition among businesses in Nepal, Business Analysts are vital for any organisation to analyse the competition in the market. For this field, companies prefer individuals with high IQs and logical minds. Business Analysts are expected to be well-versed in mathematical concepts, open to learning new technological platforms and be knowledgeable enough to fill the gaps in understanding using their acute sense in business.

Average Salary:
Entry level – Rs 5,00,000
Mid-Career – Rs 12,00,000
Experienced – Rs 30,00,000

4. Medical Professionals

There is never any recession in the medical field. This profession promises a steady career growth with minimal hindrances to the salary.

Average Salary: Rs 5,00,000 – Rs. 25,00,000

5. Aviation Professionals

The sky is the limit for professionals working in this sector. Salaries for aviation professionals fly as high as 20 lakhs.

Average Salary:
Commercial Pilot- Rs 20,00,000
Helicopter pilot- Rs 15,00,000
Aircraft maintenance engineer- Rs 8,00,000

6. IT and Software Engineers

This is one evergreen profession which pays really well. One has to be very good with computers and computer language. These professionals work around designing, implementation and management of the system.

Average Salary:
Entry level- Rs 2,50,000
Mid Career- Rs 10,00,000
Experienced- Rs 20,00,000

7. Chartered Accountants/Account Managers

Chartered Accountants need to hold command over Business and Accountancy. They have to be extraordinarily well-groomed. This is one of the most respected jobs in Nepal.

Average Salary:
Entry level – Rs 5,00,000
Mid-Career – Rs 10,00,000
Experienced – Rs 20,00,000

8. Law professionals

Famous lawyers have denied the post of judges in courts just to hang on to their incomes as lawyers. Lawyers require high levels of education, patience and communicative skills. Top notch lawyers can demand high packages for a single argument.

Average Salary:
Entry level- Rs 4,00,000
Mid career- Rs 6,00,000
Experienced- Rs 15,00,000

9. Engineers (Civil, Mechanical, Electronics, Architect)

Another one of the best paying jobs in Nepal is that of an engineer.

Average Salary:
Entry level- Rs 2,00,000
Mid career- Rs 5,00,000
Experienced- Rs 15,00,000

10. Marketing

Marketing is an art. If one learns the arts, he/she can join the list of top-notch professionals in Nepal. A professional with in-depth knowledge of marketing can become the CEO of a company.

Average Salary:
Entry level- Rs 1,50,000
Mid career- Rs 5,00,000
Experienced- Rs 15,00,000

Top 10 high paid jobs in Nepal